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Missouri residents may be interested in fathers' rights case

Stories of parents fighting for custody of their child are not uncommon, and the circumstances surrounding the issue of custody can change from case to case. While most people may think of parents separating and fighting for custody, that is not always the case. A recent case involving a fight for child custody concerns an 18-year-old seeking to exercise his fathers' rights to receive custody of his 3-month-old daughter. Missouri residents involved in or that knows someone involved in a case concerning fathers' rights may take a special interest in this case.

The man has claimed that he is the father of the little girl and that a local adoption agency will not grant him custody. According to the young man, he and his former girlfriend conceived the infant when they were minors. He was uninformed of the pregnancy and was only told three weeks after the birth.

To aid him in his case for custody, he is in the process of completing a paternity test to prove he is the biological father. He has also decorated a room in his home to serve as a nursery. He has stated he lives with his mother who is the child's paternal grandmother.

Any Missouri man looking to obtain custody might benefit from looking into the laws within their state. Fathers' rights are not taken lightly by the courts when the father proves to be a fit parent. While this particular case isn't necessarily an everyday occurrence, by having an understanding of his rights, the father can be hopeful for a positive outcome.

Source: turnto10.com, "Man fights for custody of 3-month-old girl," Tony Gugliotta, July 10, 2013

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