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August 2013 Archives

Missouri residents may be following Usher's child custody case

Missouri music lovers may be following the continuing child custody battle between Usher and his ex-wife. While this may not be a typical case, many people can probably relate to having to return to court after the initial order. Child custody cases can be an emotional time for all parties involved.

Missouri child support program helping many

Missouri residents that pay or receive child support may take a special interest in other child support cases. Child support can be critical to a child's well being and overall stability. A recent article discussed a new program in Missouri that is making it easier for some parents that may have fallen behind on their payments to catch up without fear of penalties or jail time.

Missouri grandparents' rights: The good and the bad

Missouri grandparents raising their grandchildren may be aware of the financial hardships that can occur. Grandparents' rights are a topic that is becoming more popular as more grandparents are raising their grandchildren. A recent article discussing the financial aspect of raising a child also discussed the reasons for having grandparents' rights in place.

Missouri grandparents' rights are a hot topic right now

Grandparents' rights are an important issue right now. As the number of grandparents that are raising their grandchildren rise, the need for grandparents' rights continues to rise as well. Missouri residents may be interested in a recent article that goes into detail about recent statistics regarding this topic.

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