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Missouri child support program helping many

Missouri residents that pay or receive child support may take a special interest in other child support cases. Child support can be critical to a child's well being and overall stability. A recent article discussed a new program in Missouri that is making it easier for some parents that may have fallen behind on their payments to catch up without fear of penalties or jail time.

The state has acknowledged that there are a large number of parents that aren't paying their child support and this is causing a problem. The program, better known as the Amnesty Project, has helped many and is expected to grow. In addition to helping those behind on payments, parents with warrants out for their arrest because of non-payment of child support can also ask for amnesty during established court hours.

A spokesperson for the project stated that thousands have already benefited from the program. With the relief the program is able to provide, in some cases parents have been able to return to the workforce without the fear of being arrested, find adequate housing and start their child support payments again. While not all states offer this type of help, it is expected to be a trending thing. By helping parents help themselves, they are better able to help their children.

Any Missouri parent that finds themselves involved in a child support situation may want to look into this program. Whether the parent is the paying or receiving parent, both could potentially benefit. With an understanding of what the program offers as well as other applicable state laws, a positive outcome for all parties can hopefully be achieved.

Source: stlamerican.com, "Amnesty Project extended to child support warrants," July 24, 2013

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