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Missouri grandparents' rights: The good and the bad

Missouri grandparents raising their grandchildren may be aware of the financial hardships that can occur. Grandparents' rights are a topic that is becoming more popular as more grandparents are raising their grandchildren. A recent article discussing the financial aspect of raising a child also discussed the reasons for having grandparents' rights in place.

The reason for grandparents raising the children varies from case to case. The article told how a woman has raised her great-granddaughter due to her daughter having a drug addiction. The child, who is now a 7-year-old, has been with her since she was only a month old. She tells of having to shop in thrift shops and making use of food banks just to make ends meet.

Another woman raising her grandchildren said she had to move because she lived in a retirement community that didn't allow children to live there. Most people that are retired have a fixed income whether it is a retirement account or Social Security income. When grandparents don't plan on raising more children, their financial situation can change quickly. Although there are struggles and frustrations, grandparents' rights are very important to the children that need homes and are able to be placed with family because of these rights.

Any Missouri grandparent looking to pursue their grandparents' rights could benefit from knowing their rights under the applicable state laws. Since every situation is different, it can be important for the person to know the laws that specifically cater to their situation. With the proper knowledge and approach, a person can be more hopeful a positive outcome can be achieved.

Source: San Bernardino County Sun, "Grandparents raising grandchildren often lack financial support they need," Brenda Gazzar, July 17, 2013

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