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Missouri residents may be following Usher's child custody case

Missouri music lovers may be following the continuing child custody battle between Usher and his ex-wife. While this may not be a typical case, many people can probably relate to having to return to court after the initial order. Child custody cases can be an emotional time for all parties involved.

Usher's ex-wife, Tameka Foster Raymond had filed for an emergency hearing regarding the custody of their two sons after a pool accident that took place at Usher's home while in the care of his aunt. The 5-year-old boy got caught in the drain while swimming. A housekeeper wasn't able to free the young boy. A contractor working at the home at the time was able to remove him from the pool and also administered CPR. The boy was reportedly alert and breathing when emergency responders arrived on scene.

Raymond filed stating that their son had 'suffered a near-death accident' and stated he wasn't properly supervised. Legal counsel for Usher disputed that fact stating that his aunt was in fact poolside with the children. Although Raymond continued to argue the fact she is unaware of the children's whereabouts and that she is not aware of who is caring for her children, a judge ultimately decided in Usher's favor, dismissing Raymond's request.

Although not all child custody cases are high profile such as this one, Missouri residents facing a child custody battle can probably relate to this case in some way. Any parent that is facing a battle of their own may benefit from knowing the applicable laws of their state. Having documentation of events or occurrences involving the children could also prove beneficial when moving forward with any legal action that a parent may find appropriate.

Source: boston.com, "Judge sides with Usher in child custody battle," Aug. 9, 2013

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