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September 2013 Archives

Missouri residents may still be following child custody case

Child custody issues can be emotionally driven and cause tension between family members. When a biological parent and adoptive parents are involved, those tensions can rise even more. Missouri residents may be following the ongoing child custody battle involving the child of Native American decent.

Grandparents' rights could benefit Missouri grandparents

Missouri grandparents that are raising their grandchildren may take a special interest in the laws that are designed to protect grandparents' rights. In today's society many grandparents are in a situation in which they need to raise their grandchildren for various reasons. A recent case involving grandparents' rights has made headlines for several reasons.

Father of 27 owes child support

Missouri parents that pay or receive child support may take a special interest in cases similar to their own. While it is not uncommon for cases of this nature to be publicized in a media outlet, a recent story involving a man with 27 children may come as a surprise to many. His story involving child support as well as custody has caught the attention of many people nationwide.

Missouri dads may wish to exercise their fathers' rights

Fathers' rights are an ongoing issue for those that are impacted by the topic. A recently highly publicized case involving an attorney general has grabbed the attention of many. Missouri fathers fighting for their own fathers' rights could find information in a recent article useful in their own situation.

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