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Father of 27 owes child support

Missouri parents that pay or receive child support may take a special interest in cases similar to their own. While it is not uncommon for cases of this nature to be publicized in a media outlet, a recent story involving a man with 27 children may come as a surprise to many. His story involving child support as well as custody has caught the attention of many people nationwide.

The man, who appeared on an episode of Divorce Court, revealed during the episode that he is the father of 27 children, 12 girls and 15 boys. He also stated he has a child support order on 21 of the 27. According to the man, he has custody of two of his children and he does pay child support. However, he would not reveal the amount he pays, he stated he does the best he can to support all of his children.

Although specific details were not released regarding this man's situation, according to federal law a person's driver's license can be suspended for failure to pay child support. A court can also garnish a parent's wages or freeze their bank accounts. There are additional measures that can be taken should a parent fall even further behind on payments.

Any Missouri parent that is facing a child support situation may benefit from having an understanding of the child support laws applicable to their situation. If the person is going through a divorce, child support is usually determined during the divorce proceedings. By having the proper knowledge and taking the appropriate steps, a person can be hopeful a fair agreement can be reached.

Source: norwalkreflector.com, Father of 27 owes child support, Joanne Huist Smith and Amelia Robinson, Sept. 11, 2013

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