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Grandparents' rights could benefit Missouri grandparents

Missouri grandparents that are raising their grandchildren may take a special interest in the laws that are designed to protect grandparents' rights. In today's society many grandparents are in a situation in which they need to raise their grandchildren for various reasons. A recent case involving grandparents' rights has made headlines for several reasons.

The case involves paternal grandparents that want visitation rights with their three grandchildren. The parents of the children have been a couple for 19 years but have not married. This case has previously been heard in court at which time a judge ordered in favor of the grandparents for them to receive visitation on holidays and other scheduled times. The judge also ordered that the oldest child be allowed to contact the grandparents as often as she wanted. The parents have failed to follow these orders and the case is now back in court.

During this court date, the judge ordered the grandparents be allowed to visit the children one day a month every month. This is actually less time than they were originally given. He also refrained from making a decision, but instead deferred the case for 60 days and ordered the parties to attend mediation. This is often a good way for parties to come to a mutual agreement with the help of a neutral third party.

Missouri grandparents that are looking for visitation rights or custody of their grandchildren may benefit from having an understanding of the state laws. Since grandparents' rights are becoming a more popular topic within the court system, a person could benefit from keeping up to date on the latest changes within their state. With the appropriate knowledge and knowing the best way to move forward a person can be hopeful for a positive outcome.

Source: Crookston Times, New hearing on grandparents' rights, Stephen J. Lee, Sept. 11, 2013

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