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Missouri dads may wish to exercise their fathers' rights

Fathers' rights are an ongoing issue for those that are impacted by the topic. A recently highly publicized case involving an attorney general has grabbed the attention of many. Missouri fathers fighting for their own fathers' rights could find information in a recent article useful in their own situation.

Ken Cuccinelli made an appearance in court as a private attorney only two weeks after being sworn into his new position as state attorney general. It has been reported that very rarely does an attorney general make an appearance as a private attorney after accepting such a position. It was later released that the case involved Ron M. Grignol, Jr. Grignol is a former House of Delegates candidate.

Cuccinelli represented Grignol in what was considered an ongoing battle with his ex-wife. This has also reportedly been proof that Cuccinelli helps support fathers' rights groups such as the one Grignol was over at one time. These groups were founded to help men gain equal custody of their children. Many have stated they feel mother's have an unfair advantage when it comes to custody issues.

Any Missouri father faced with custody issues could benefit from knowing their rights under the applicable state law. Whether a man is facing a divorce or just wants to exercise his fathers' rights, having an understanding of what he is entitled to could prove beneficial. With the proper knowledge and understanding, one can determine the best way to move forward with any action that may be necessary in order to gain the best positive outcome.

Source: Washington Post, Ken Cuccinelli's family law stance won him support of fathers' rights movement, Ben Pershing, Aug. 28, 2013

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