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October 2013 Archives

Missouri residents: Will Jon Cryer's child support increase?

Child support cases certainly vary on a case by case basis. Missouri residents may be following what is sure to be a public child support battle involving actor Jon Cryer and his ex-wife. Although most parents aren't in the same financial situation he is, they can probably still relate to the overall issues at hand.

Child custody agreement could help missing Missouri children

When a couple that has children separates or divorces, it can be important for a child custody agreement to be in place. A recent situation in Missouri may have parents questioning if they have the appropriate child custody agreement in place. Anyone in a similar situation may benefit from the information given in the report.

Missouri couple wins child custody battle again

Child custody cases can become complicated when multiple parties are involved. While some people may think that child custody cases only involve biological parents, that is not always the case. Recently, a Missouri couple won a case that involved a young child they had raised since he was a baby.

Fathers' rights often more challenging for single dads

Fathers' rights can vary from state to state. A recent article discussed some of the issues single fathers may want to consider when filing for custody or visitation. Missouri fathers looking to exercise their fathers' rights may find this information helpful.

Missouri parents: child support should be about the child

Child support can be an emotional and sometimes drawn out process. Missouri parents that pay child support may feel frustrated by the court ordered amount while those that receive the payments may be struggling to make ends meet. A recent article discussed why some men tend to struggle with writing a check to their ex every month.

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