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Child custody agreement could help missing Missouri children

When a couple that has children separates or divorces, it can be important for a child custody agreement to be in place. A recent situation in Missouri may have parents questioning if they have the appropriate child custody agreement in place. Anyone in a similar situation may benefit from the information given in the report.

Three children are considered missing and are believed to be with their mother. The father came home from work only to find that the children were not home. The woman has not had any contact with the children in three years and does not have any type of legal custody of any of the three children. Authorities have said an Amber Alert is not appropriate since the father of the children does not believe they are in any immediate danger. However, it is imperative that the children are safely found.

The mother of these children does not have a permanent address and has been referred to as being very transient. This could make the search a little more difficult. The woman could be facing charges as a result of this incident and her future parental rights could be impacted as well.

In a situation such as the one described, a child custody agreement may prove to be extremely important when the children are found. Since the father already has custody, this incident could simply strengthen the rights he has to his children. Any Missouri parent that is separating from the other parent of their children could benefit from having an understanding of their rights under the applicable state laws. When a parent has a knowledge of their rights, they can ensure that the child's best interest is the focus of the agreement.

Source: bnd.com, Police: 3 missing siblings believed to be with mom, No author, Oct. 14, 2013

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