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Missouri parents: child support should be about the child

Child support can be an emotional and sometimes drawn out process. Missouri parents that pay child support may feel frustrated by the court ordered amount while those that receive the payments may be struggling to make ends meet. A recent article discussed why some men tend to struggle with writing a check to their ex every month.

One scenario discussed is the case in which a wife decides to end the marriage and moves on with another man. This can leave the ex husband feeling as if he's writing a check to his ex wife and her new partner rather than feeling as if the money is being spent for the child's needs. Some men also feel they simply have to make the payments to stay out of jail. This can also cause hostility between not only the exes but can create a wedge with the father and child as well.

Child support is designed to do simply what is says, support the child. It is a way for children, who are innocent victims in a divorce, to be able to still have basic necessities after a divorce or a breakup. In situations where children don't receive child support, they can at times be forced to live in inadequate housing and at times not have food or other basic items children should have for a good quality of life.

Any Missouri parent dealing with a child support issue may benefit from researching the applicable state laws. There are many options available for those that are struggling to receive the payments they have been ordered. Having an understanding of one's rights can help them determine the best way to approach the situation and take the appropriate action to ensure the situation is properly handled.

Source: The Huffington Post, Child Support: Why He Can't Stand Giving You That Check Every Month, Jackie Pilossoph, Sept. 30, 2013

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