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November 2013 Archives

Missouri residents may be interested in Miller child custody case

Child custody cases can at times be messy and complicated. While not every case is a high profile case, when a celebrity is involved, the details are typically shared through various media outlets. Missouri residents may have read about the child custody case involving the Olympic skier Bode Miller.

Fathers' rights could be a bit easier for Missouri dads

Fathers' rights are a topic that has become more common over the recent years. Missouri fathers who have been through a custody battle may know what it's like to fight for custody of their children. A recent article discussed how fathers' rights have changed quite a bit throughout time.

Missouri parents: is child support a choice?

Child support can be a controversial topic for many parents. Some may feel they pay too much while custodial parents may feel they don't receive enough to properly care for their child. A recent article points out several factors regarding child support, including the question of whether fathers who do not want their children should be required to pay child support. This could be of interest to Missouri parents facing a similar situation.

Missouri grandparents' rights could benefit one's health

Grandparents' rights can be a controversial subject for those that have close ties to the topic. Missouri grandparents looking to exercise their grandparents' rights may benefit from information published in a recent article. Some basic facts were provided as to why these rights can be difficult to obtain without the proper knowledge.

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