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Missouri parents: is child support a choice?

Child support can be a controversial topic for many parents. Some may feel they pay too much while custodial parents may feel they don't receive enough to properly care for their child. A recent article points out several factors regarding child support, including the question of whether fathers who do not want their children should be required to pay child support. This could be of interest to Missouri parents facing a similar situation.

The article discusses in detail the current challenges that can arise when a father does not wish to be involved in his children's lives, whether after a divorce or a simple one-night stand. In the article, at least one viewpoint was shown stating that mandatory child support should be done away with entirely. Some pointed out that it is already far too easy for men to get out of their financial obligations and that this is not a step in the right direction for the children that are dependent on the financial support.

The woman who was discussed in this article is regarded as a feminist and stated that forcing a man to pay child support for a child he did not want to father infringes on the man's reproductive rights. It was noted that the flip side of this is just because a man pays child support does not make him an active father. Unfortunately, it is ultimately the child who suffers when a father opts out of his or her life. Studies have shown that when a child does not receive the basic necessities for daily living, it can greatly impact their lives.

Missouri residents who have been ordered to receive child support and are not receiving the payments may benefit from understanding their rights under the applicable state laws. Since most single parent homes depend on this payment, a child could have to do without daily necessities. Thankfully, with the proper understanding of the applicable laws, a parent may be better able to pursue the issue and receive ordered payments.

Source: salon.com, No, child support can't be a choice, Carolyn Edgar, Nov. 7, 2013

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