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December 2013 Archives

Missouri fathers may sympathize with fathers' rights case

More men seem to be involved in their child's lives in today's changing society. Unfortunately, fathers' rights are overlooked at times. Recently, the story of one father's journey to regain custody of his son was shared and has gained attention nationwide. Missouri fathers may find some similarities between this man's situation and their own.

Missouri parents may relate to Cano child support case

Parents that are involved in a child support battle may understand how frustrating the process can be at times. Missouri sports fans may be following a story that involves a professional baseball player and the mother of his young child. The mother says she is not receiving what she feels is the small amount of child support she has been ordered to receive even though the father signed a multi-million dollar deal.

Missouri parents may learn from child support case

Divorce can be messy for Missouri residents especially when children are involved. Most cases involve one parent paying child support to the other. A recent story in which a father was ordered to pay child support before finding out his ex-wife had hidden a large amount of money during their divorce proceedings has made headlines nationwide.

Understanding grandparents' rights could help Missouri residents

Grandparents' rights can be a controversial and emotional topic. Some situations are more complicated than others. A recent story involving grandparents' rights could hit close to home for some Missouri grandparents that could be fighting for custody or visitation rights with their grandchildren.

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