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Missouri fathers may sympathize with fathers' rights case

More men seem to be involved in their child's lives in today's changing society. Unfortunately, fathers' rights are overlooked at times. Recently, the story of one father's journey to regain custody of his son was shared and has gained attention nationwide. Missouri fathers may find some similarities between this man's situation and their own.

The man started fighting to regain custody after the biological mother placed the boy for adoption. The father had a relationship with the mother for a year before she got pregnant, and he was involved in the child's life. After having a few arguments or misunderstandings, the woman left to supposedly take care of her mother, but instead she placed their child up for adoption and returned without him.

Once the man realized what had happened, he began the fight to regain custody of his son. This would prove to be more difficult than one might imagine, however, since the boy had been taken to another state. The man stated that the biological mother asked him to sign his rights away so they could begin to get their child back, which was a red flag to him. At this time, the man realized it might be difficult to regain custody of his son, and he began calling the adoption agency. After getting what he described as "the runaround," he realized he couldn't fight this alone.

Thankfully, in this case, the man was able to regain custody. Missouri men in a similar situation may sympathize with what this man has gone through. Being persistent and understanding his fathers' rights throughout the ordeal, the outcome was successful for this father. With the proper knowledge and understanding of the appropriate action to take, others may be able to achieve the same successful outcome.

Source: The Salt Lake Tribune, Texas father reunited with 2-year-old son placed for adoption in Utah this summer, Brooke Adams, Dec. 18, 2013

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