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Missouri parents may relate to Cano child support case

Parents that are involved in a child support battle may understand how frustrating the process can be at times. Missouri sports fans may be following a story that involves a professional baseball player and the mother of his young child. The mother says she is not receiving what she feels is the small amount of child support she has been ordered to receive even though the father signed a multi-million dollar deal.

Robinson Cano was ordered to pay the mother of his 3-year-old son $600 a month in child support. She states that even though Cano just signed a $240 million deal, she rarely receives her payments on time. It was reported that a judge doubled his monthly payment to $1200, but their time is court is not over. They have another court date scheduled at which time the mother plans to explain why she is struggling to make ends meet and raise their child while Cano made $15 million last year alone and has shown little to no interest in helping support his son.

Based on reports, the mother's only source of income is $100 a month which comes from training and coaching volleyball. Every situation is handled on a case by case basis and it is uncertain of Cano will appear in court to defend himself or attempt to explain why he only pays a certain amount and does not help out more with his son. Regardless of his appearance or failure to appear in court, a decision to maintain the amount or increase the amount could be made.

Not every parent has a child whose other parent is a multi-millionaire, but a lot of parents can relate to not receiving the ordered amount or not receiving it on time. Any Missouri resident that is in this situation and fighting for child support could benefit from researching and understanding the applicable laws and the best action to take. Unfortunately, when a parent does not do as ordered, it may be necessary to take the case back to family court.

Source: Fox News, Robinson Cano, baseball's new $240M man, brushed back over child support, No author, Dec. 13, 2013

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