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January 2014 Archives

Child support payments may be hard to get from ex in Missouri

When a divorce happens, many people can feel the effects. The couple at the center of the divorce obviously may experience emotional and financial challenges as part of the proceeding, and their friends and family members may have mixed emotions about the dissolution of the marriage. However, the couple's children may especially struggle to process the situation and may feel neglected by the parent who ends up leaving. Child support in Missouri is intended to make sure that even the parent who is away upholds his or her duty to take care of the child. A recent article explains how sometimes an ex-spouse who refuses to pay child support indeed may have a problem with narcissism.

Fathers' rights could benefit married fathers as well

The subject of parental rights is a topic often discussed for many reasons. Whether a person thinks the mother or the father should be the primary parent, it seems everyone has an opinion. Fathers' rights have certainly grown with the changing times of our society. Missouri parents may find a recent article that discussed how fathers should be able to have an equal parental role even within a marriage.

Fathers' rights case is good example for Missouri fathers

Parents' rights is a topic that continues to be controversial. Most everyone has an opinion as to whether or not a mother or father should receive custody. While society as a whole used to typically side with the mother, fathers' rights are playing a role in cases more often now. One case involving a couple that has been on a reality television show is back in court. Missouri residents may take interest in the case for several reasons.

Fathers' rights case could benefit Missouri fathers

As people continue to fight for mothers' rights, another hot topic has been brought to light. Fathers' rights are often overlooked in many circumstances. At times a mother has a child without the father even being aware of the pregnancy. A mother may also decide to place the child with an adoption agency without the father being aware. Missouri fathers that are looking to receive time with their child may find a recent article interesting and helpful.

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