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Child support payments may be hard to get from ex in Missouri

When a divorce happens, many people can feel the effects. The couple at the center of the divorce obviously may experience emotional and financial challenges as part of the proceeding, and their friends and family members may have mixed emotions about the dissolution of the marriage. However, the couple's children may especially struggle to process the situation and may feel neglected by the parent who ends up leaving. Child support in Missouri is intended to make sure that even the parent who is away upholds his or her duty to take care of the child. A recent article explains how sometimes an ex-spouse who refuses to pay child support indeed may have a problem with narcissism.

If an ex-spouse is a narcissist, getting him or her to meet child support obligations may be tricky. Narcissism is where a person feels that he or she is superior to others and has a strong need to be admired. As a result, he or she may work hard to create the appearance of being successful, which may mean buying a more expensive home or car than he or she can afford.

The ex-spouse who struggles with this thus may not view child support payments as a high-priority. When the individual does end up paying court-ordered child support, he or she may view it as a gift that is generously being bestowed on the children rather than a required payment. Therefore, being nonchalantly late in making payments can easily happen.

A judge determines how much child support should be paid for the benefit of a child, based on how much each parent earns. A parent who did not work outside of the home before the divorce, but gets primary physical custody, likely will be entitled to receive child support payments. However, a divorcing couple indeed can negotiate to reach an agreement that is mutually satisfying and in the best interests of any covered children without involving court intrusion in Missouri.

Source: The Huffington Post, Who's Not Honoring Me Now? How Your Narcissistic Ex Really Feels About Child Support, Christina Pesoli, Jan. 23, 2014

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