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Fathers' rights case could benefit Missouri fathers

As people continue to fight for mothers' rights, another hot topic has been brought to light. Fathers' rights are often overlooked in many circumstances. At times a mother has a child without the father even being aware of the pregnancy. A mother may also decide to place the child with an adoption agency without the father being aware. Missouri fathers that are looking to receive time with their child may find a recent article interesting and helpful.

The man in the article is involved in a $130 million lawsuit. The charges that have been filed include child trafficking. While it was admitted this case it meant to grab the attention of individuals nationwide, this may also be beneficial to those fathers wishing to draw more attention to fathers' rights.

In this case, the man states he was lied to by the biological mother until the day before the birth of the child. The woman involved was married at the time of conception, but was allegedly estranged from her husband. Although the man acknowledges the woman had mentioned adoption multiple times, he also stated he made it clear to the woman he wanted custody of the child. However, approximately 24 hours after the birth of the child, the mother signed the adoption paperwork.

In a case such as this where the father is involved in what could be a complicated situation, it can be in the person's best interest to make sure he is aware of the applicable laws. While each case is different, when a Missouri father is looking to exercise his fathers' rights, understanding the basic laws can certainly be helpful when moving forward with necessary action. When armed with the proper information, a father can be hopeful for a fair outcome.

Source: ksl.com, Unwed father alleges racketeering in adoption lawsuit, Emiley Morgan and Carole Mikita December, Dec. 30, 2013

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