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Fathers' rights case is good example for Missouri fathers

Parents' rights is a topic that continues to be controversial. Most everyone has an opinion as to whether or not a mother or father should receive custody. While society as a whole used to typically side with the mother, fathers' rights are playing a role in cases more often now. One case involving a couple that has been on a reality television show is back in court. Missouri residents may take interest in the case for several reasons.

The couple was featured on the show "Teen Mom," and they have a 4-year-old daughter together. Currently, the father has custody of the child because of issues the mother has had with substance abuse as well as anger issues. The mother signed her rights away to the child, so the father would receive custody rather than the child being taken away from them both. Because of her noted issues, Child Protective Services has been involved.

The mother served jail time and now wants to receive her rights back. However, the father of the child, who is no longer with the mother, has expressed this is not what he wants to happen, and he will fight to maintain custody of the child. He has stated he is not opposed to the mother having a relationship with the child, but he does not believe it is in the best interest of the child for the mother to have custody of their daughter.

In cases such as this, fathers' rights can certainly come into play, especially when the mother has an established history of instability. Any Missouri father that feels they have grounds to receive or maintain custody of their child could benefit from proving they have an established relationship with said child. This father has certainly established a relationship with the child and has the history to prove so.

Source: Christian Post, 'Teen Mom' Dad Says Amber Portwood Will Not Have Custody of Daughter Leah, Sami K. Martin, Jan. 1, 2014

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