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Fathers' rights could benefit married fathers as well

The subject of parental rights is a topic often discussed for many reasons. Whether a person thinks the mother or the father should be the primary parent, it seems everyone has an opinion. Fathers' rights have certainly grown with the changing times of our society. Missouri parents may find a recent article that discussed how fathers should be able to have an equal parental role even within a marriage.

With many moms working as much if not more than fathers, the article points out those fathers should be just as qualified. While women have fought for equal rights, it appears that some fathers are now fighting back for the equality to be able to stay home and raise their children. Not all fathers are the breadwinners in the family, but many could rise to the task of a stay at home parent.

Although no one wants to think about a divorce situation, a father having an established relationship could be helpful if the couple happens to split up. When a father is active in a child's life, it can help when moving forward to give those fathers grounds to continue to maintain that relationship. There are situations where the father will receive child support as the primary caregiver.

Missouri fathers that have a relationship with their child and want to maintain that relationship could benefit from understanding what steps need to be taken in order to protect their fathers' rights. Unfortunately, even if the mother is the breadwinner during the marriage, situations can change after a marriage ends. In such a case, it could be helpful to have documentation showing any agreement the couple may have had during the marriage.

Source: Chicago Tribune, A call for equal child-rearing rights, Emma Jacobs, Jan. 14, 2014

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