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Missouri parents may have interest in parental rights case

Missouri parents may take for granted their parental rights. Most people do not think that their parental rights can be taken away, especially when it comes to the medical needs and care of their children. The majority of parents probably assume it is their right to use their best judgment in order to determine the best course of action.

One couple found out the hard way when their rights were taken away after their daughter was removed from their custody following admission to a hospital. Her parents were trying to help her get the treatment she needed when children's services stepped in and took custody of their daughter at the request of the hospital. The argument was over the girls' diagnosis. The original diagnosis was believed to be mitochondrial disease but the hospital thought to be a psychological disease called somatoform disorder. That is when the problem started for her parents.

After the parents first appearance in court, it was determined the girl needed to be transferred to another facility for further treatment. But the situation remains the same. The parents have stated their concern not only for the obvious need of medical treatment but also that their daughter is not attending school and not learning the necessary material needed. This situation has been ongoing for approximately a year with no known ending date in sight.

As this situation continues, other parents will likely be interested in the outcome. Missouri parents who find themselves fighting for their parental rights may have a particular interest in this case. They may also wish to look into their legal rights concerning the law. As hard as the situation may be, with the proper understanding of the applicable laws, parents can be more confident they will receive their desired outcome.

Source: The Blaze, The Latest From the Parents of Teen Held by Hospital Against Their Will Doesn't Look Good: It's Scary, Liz Klimas, Feb. 4, 2014

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