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Missuori parents divorcing may want to consider joint custody

Parents going through a divorce may encounter a high level of frustration from trying to determine the best custody arrangement for their children. Many Missouri parents may consider joint custody to be a viable option. A recent article discussed why joint custody is becoming more popular among parents and courts across the nation.

In today's society where fathers are caretakers more often than in previous years, there is more of an argument for children to spend equal time with them. Many fathers are now handling their children's daily activities while the mothers are becoming more responsible for the family's income. Because of more shared responsibilities, fathers are becoming more likely to receive joint custody of their children. Research has shown that most shared parenting scenarios are in the children's best interests.

It is also being argued by activists that shared parenting not only helps the children, but it also creates conditions that allow the parents to better get along. When parents have equal custody, it appears they become more involved and their communication can improve. Many parents are also less likely to feel resentment toward the other spouse when they are allowed to be involved in making decisions regarding their children. Hopefully, in situations where it is appropriate for parents to receive joint custody, both the parents and children will ultimately benefit.

Missouri parents that are facing the process of creating a custody agreement may want to determine if joint custody could be beneficial for their family. Gaining an understanding of all potential custody options before going to court could reduce many of the difficulties and frustrations that can be involved with the process. A parent who is thoroughly prepared before a divorce involving his or her children may be in a better position to move forward once the settlement has been determined.

Source: USA Today, Shared parenting could be new divorce outcome, Jonathan Ellis, Jan. 27, 2014

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