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Can a child custody agreement be affected by parents' actions?

Child custody agreements are often hard-fought and come after a long legal process. Because they can be highly contentious, it is important to remember that Missouri parents should consider how their personal lives could affect child custody agreements. It is suggested that the dating lives of parents could actually become the center of a court battle.

When a parent starts dating after a divorce, or even during the divorce process, it can be difficult for all parties. Children may not know how to handle the new dating habits of a parent. The other parent may feel that this could be disruptive to the child's well-being, bringing the issue back to court for further discussion. When a Missouri family separates, it is always important to consider the emotional impact of any decision. This can include dating and how the former spouse or minor children may react.

Many people may not know that child custody agreements can actually include clauses that pertain to parents' dating lives. This could outline rules for overnight guests, if children are ever around the dates and other specific details. Child custody agreements can actually be derailed over disputes related to the dating habits of the parents.

Child custody agreements are often drafted when the two parents work together to come up with a satisfactory plan. When parents are not to able to work together on an agreement, they can work with their legal teams to fight for issues that are important in the individual situation. Dating may seem like a personal issue, but it is important to remember that it can have a direct impact on child custody agreements.

Source: The Huffington Post, How Overnight Dates Could Seriously Damage Your Custody Case, Lenore Skonal, March 10, 2014

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