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Matthew Knowles gets drop in child support amount he must pay

Having a baby certainly may be an exciting experience, but it also can be a stressful one due to the expenses associated with rearing a child. The anxiety may be even stronger for an individual who feels that he or she is getting no assistance from the other parent of the child. Child support is designed to make sure that even when the two parents refuse to stay together for the sake of the child, the child's financial needs continue to be met. How much ends up being paid in child support in our state is determined by the judge in a Missouri court.

In a recent out-of-state situation, a high-profile entertainer was able to get the amount he pays in child support reduced. Matthew Knowles, the father and former manager of Beyonce Knowles, previously had to pay actress Alexsandra Wright $12,000 per month. That total has been dropped to $2,500 monthly.

This is because Beyonce Knowles fired Matthew Knowles from the manager position in 2011. As a result, his income was reduced. Matthew Knowles still was required to pay for Wright's legal costs, which totaled $15,000.

If two people can come to an agreement on how to handle issues such as child support and custody, they can avoid further court intrusion in the matter. However, if they cannot find common ground, the court will decide the final outcome. The noncustodial parent will have to contribute a certain amount of money to the costs of rearing a child he or she shares with another person, once it is confirmed that they both are the child's biological parents. It is within both parties' rights to protect their own interests while particularly paying attention to the interests of the child in such a situation in Missouri.

Source: Houston Chronicle, Beyonce's father granted cut in child support, No author, March 5, 2014

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