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Missouri man fights state over child support orders

A Missouri man is waging a legal battle against the state over disputed child support orders. The man claims that he does not owe any further child support, but that his ex-wife is demanding more. Recently, he received additional child support orders from the state. He claims that he should not owe more money.

The man's original divorce took place in 2005. The custody situation was complicated, but the man states that he is currently caught up on any support he could possibly owe. He believes that his ex-wife is now attempting to collect more money for a child who does not actually live with her. Not long after receiving the orders to pay more, he says that the state collected $4,500 from his account.

The man says that the child in question does not live with the woman. He believes that she has somehow manipulated the system, but it is not clear how she could have done that. He has appealed to the state but claims that he received a non-helpful response when he called. In response, the woman says that she is trying to collect back child support.

The dispute over the child support orders is complicated and confusing. It can be especially difficult to challenge the state of Missouri on these issues, especially when attempting to handle it independently. The best course of action for the man may include evaluating any documentation that could prove his case. He also may consider legal assistance if he wishes to fight these child support issues to the point of resolution.

Source: ktre.com, Lufkin man battles the state of Missouri over child support, Maleeha Kamal, March 12, 2014

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