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April 2014 Archives

Respecting child custody schedule important for Missouri parents

If a couple has children, child custody and support may be two of the most important issues that are addressed during divorce proceedings. Child custody agreements may be of particular importance to the children involved, as this keeps some routine and stability in their life. Missouri parents proceeding with a divorce may need to pay special attention and respect to an agreed-upon schedule.

Legislative bills can complicate child custody and relocation

Divorce can be a difficult process. Regardless of the circumstances, the ending of a marriage can be an emotionally draining period of time. Once the decision to divorce has been made, Missouri spouses have to make the transition toward living independently, which may sometimes result in one of the parties having to relocate. Moving after a divorce can result in added stress, especially if children are involved. Understanding state laws regarding child custody and relocation can help a parent to avoid a violation, which could result in unfavorable changes to his or her custody or visitation rights.

Grandparents' rights a growing issue in divorce cases

There are a growing number of grandparents who are raising their children, in Missouri and across the country, bringing this issue of grandparents' rights into the national spotlight. Typically, this is an issue that is commonly seen during divorce cases. However, grandparents' rights often come into question when the biological parents are unable to care for their children, and grandparents feel that they need to become involved.

Fight for fathers' rights becoming more complicated

Fathers' rights have always been a complicated issue, especially for children who are born to unmarried parents. Recently, another state has banned unmarried fathers from the delivery room, bringing into focus fathers' rights across the country. Missouri fathers may be wondering how to fight for their rights as fathers, especially in complicated custody cases.

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