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May 2014 Archives

Famous actor Jason Patric takes on fathers' rights issues

Fathers' rights issues have long been a source of heated discussion around the nation, including in the family law courts of Missouri. The famous actor Jason Patric has recently joined the conversation on fathers' rights as he challenges legal standards in order to fight for custody of his child. His son was conceived through in vitro fertilization. A court has recently ruled that he does have the legal right to fight his ex-partner for custody.

Child custody questions surround celebrity divorce

The famous television personality Sherry Shepherd is going through a divorce, which brings a common divorce issue to light: complicated child custody situations. Sherri and her ex-husband legally filed for separation and then divorce in quick succession. Now, her husband is fighting for child custody over a baby that is still in utero, via a surrogate mother. The outcome of this case could set a precedent for some complicated cases, including those in Missouri.

Fathers' rights battle come into the national spotlight

Missouri fathers who are facing divorce may be shocked to know that fathers' rights often leave much to be desired. Many men do not realize until they are in the midst of a custody battle that fathers are often disregarded by family courts. Traditionally, women and mothers have been favored in family law situations, but a movement promoting fathers' rights has gained national recognition.

Disagreements over support arrangements affect children too

Going through a divorce is not easy, especially when there is a disagreement over support arrangements. This complicated process is difficult for the parents, but it also has a profound impact on the children. Fortunately, with the proper care and attention, disagreements over support arrangements and custody can be smooth for all parties involved.

Missouri child support laws could be changing

Missouri residents could be aware that a potential change in the child support laws has recently been passed by the state House of Representatives. This bill, if passed into law, could result in a significant change for child support of older children. Specifically, these child support changes would impact children who are enrolled in college or in other institutes of higher learning.

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