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Famous actor Jason Patric takes on fathers' rights issues

Fathers' rights issues have long been a source of heated discussion around the nation, including in the family law courts of Missouri. The famous actor Jason Patric has recently joined the conversation on fathers' rights as he challenges legal standards in order to fight for custody of his child. His son was conceived through in vitro fertilization. A court has recently ruled that he does have the legal right to fight his ex-partner for custody.

His son is currently four years old, and he claims that he co-parented the child with his girlfriend for over a year. She has not allowed Mr. Patric to see the boy in 15 months. This is a rather unusual case because of the manner in which the child was conceived, but it could prove to be a landmark case for fathers in similar situations.

Missouri fathers may be encouraged to know that Mr. Patric is allowed to fight for custody, and that he will have a fair chance to pursue every legal avenue available to him. In this case, he will likely have to pursue custody based on the premise that he is the father of the boy, even if the child was not conceived naturally. Complex cases such as this one may seem difficult, but with correct preparation, the fathers' rights movement may see more victories in court.

Fathers' rights are a complex issue, especially when the two parents are not willing to work together for a solution. When mediation fails, fathers may have to pursue custody and visitation through family court. No matter the details or complexity of the individual case, there are legal options available to fathers.

Source: Fox News, "Appeals court rules Jason Patric can seek legal custody of son born via in-vitro", , May 15, 2014

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