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July 2014 Archives

Parental rights could be compromised by online activity

Parental rights issues are often the center of contentious divorces, with both parties fighting for their own desired outcome. Divorces usually center on how to divide money and how to handle child custody, but Missouri parents often fail to realize how their online and social media activity can affect the outcome of a case. It is usually beneficial to understand the steps to take to ensure that online activity does not play a role in parental rights.

What to do when fathers' rights are challenged by the mother

The fight for fathers' rights has always been a challenge, particularly in family courts where preference may be given to the mother. Missouri fathers who are ready and willing to have a prominent role in the lives of their children may face difficulties when the mother is uncooperative. Often, fathers may find themselves facing legal battles regarding their fathers' rights, simply to secure visitation time with their children.

Ensuring that a child custody agreement protects the children

Formulating a beneficial child custody agreement can be difficult and may be one of the more complicated aspects of a divorce. However, Missouri couples may not consider the remote possibility that a family court could decide to separate the children. This may be a rare choice from a court, but it should be noted that a child custody agreement can protect the best interests of the children.

Questions about paternity for NBA player Paul George

The famous NBA player Paul George has found himself in the midst of a paternity battle, as a woman claims that he is the father of her baby. In addition to the question of paternity, the woman claims that Paul George would be an unfit father because of his extensive travel schedule. Missouri readers can infer that this means she is seeking financial support from the basketball player as well as custody.

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