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Ensuring that a child custody agreement protects the children

Formulating a beneficial child custody agreement can be difficult and may be one of the more complicated aspects of a divorce. However, Missouri couples may not consider the remote possibility that a family court could decide to separate the children. This may be a rare choice from a court, but it should be noted that a child custody agreement can protect the best interests of the children.

Separating sibling groups is generally not the preference of parents or a family court. However, in rare cases, there are state laws that could actually allow for this to happen in certain circumstances. This may include the death of both parents or the adoption of one child out of foster care. Parents who have concerns about the long-term care of their children can work on a contingency plan to be included in a custody arrangement.

A divorce is sometimes complicated, and there are often factors that are overlooked in custody agreements. It can be a frightful thought to consider the possibility of siblings living apart from each other, but a thorough, fair and well-drafted divorce or custody agreement may be the best source of security. It may also be beneficial to understand Missouri's laws on this subject.

Obviously, it is most beneficial to keep children together during a divorce. Even parents navigating the most complicated and contentious of divorces can agree to seek the best interests of the children. To ensure that a child custody agreement is optimal, it is best to begin with a case evaluation of the particular circumstances.

Source: Slate, "Family law should protect sibling relationships", Jill Elaine Hasday, July 8, 2014

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