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Questions about paternity for NBA player Paul George

The famous NBA player Paul George has found himself in the midst of a paternity battle, as a woman claims that he is the father of her baby. In addition to the question of paternity, the woman claims that Paul George would be an unfit father because of his extensive travel schedule. Missouri readers can infer that this means she is seeking financial support from the basketball player as well as custody.

The woman claims that the basketball player was confirmed to be the father of the baby through a privately administered paternity test. Now the mother is seeking a court-ordered test. She is also seeking sole custody of the child. It is not clear if Mr. George will also fight for visitation and custody rights if it is found that he is the father.

The woman claims that she and Mr. George had a relationship in 2013, during a time in which she was working as a stripper. Mr. George released a statement through his legal representation stating that, should the paternity test reveal that he is the father, he has intentions to financially support the child and the mother.

Paternity disputes can be legally and emotionally complicated. In fact, it is not always the mother seeking support from the father by requesting a paternity test. There are many cases where the father seeks visitation and custody rights of his children, yet first must prove that he is the biological father. No matter what "side" of a custody dispute a Missouri individual is on, it should be noted that there are legal means available to pursue the desired outcome.

Source: NY Daily News, "Indiana Pacers star Paul George travels too much to be a child's primary caregiver, paternity suit claims", Barbara Ross and Daniel Beekman, June 24, 2014

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