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August 2014 Archives

Collaborative divorce: easing tensions over child custody

The tension of determining child custody can make the divorce process complicated and difficult for all parties. While this is not possible for every situation, Missouri couples may find that collaborative divorce can be a beneficial way to come to amicable solutions. Collaborative divorce can also be a method by which couples determine child custody agreements and more.

Military duties and child custody battles

Military personnel are often deployed for months or years at a time, which can make child custody battles complicated. Even when they are not deployed, training exercises can last for days or weeks and require travel. Military men and women have certain rights granted to them during a divorce and/or child custody battle, which should protect their interests in case of deployment or travel assignments.

Is it possible to work through child custody issues peacefully?

Missouri parents know that every divorce is difficult and every divorcing parent wants the most beneficial child custody agreement. Despite the emotional and financial complexity of a divorce, it is possible to have a divorce that is peaceful and optimal for all parties. When individuals are aware of their rights and a couple is willing to work together on a child custody agreement, the process can be faster and smoother.

Changing a child custody agreement after a divorce

When going through a divorce, Missouri couples know that it can be extremely difficult to work through all of the details of a divorce agreement. For couples with children, it can be very challenging to come to a child custody agreement, no matter how amicable the process may be. However, it can be equally challenging when a child custody agreement needs to be changed after the divorce is finalized.

Complicated child custody case continues for Sherri Shepherd

Missouri readers may be familiar with the child custody battle of Sherri Shepherd, a well-known television personality. Her highly-public divorce has made headlines across the country, mostly because of the intense child custody battle ensuing between her and her ex-spouse. One of the main concerns for the contention is the fact that a surrogate is currently carrying the couple's child, due in July.

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