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Changing a child custody agreement after a divorce

When going through a divorce, Missouri couples know that it can be extremely difficult to work through all of the details of a divorce agreement. For couples with children, it can be very challenging to come to a child custody agreement, no matter how amicable the process may be. However, it can be equally challenging when a child custody agreement needs to be changed after the divorce is finalized.

There are many reasons why an agreement should be changed. Relocation, remarriage, preferred school zones or the request of the child could contribute to the necessity of having an agreement redrafted. In some cases, a child could desire to have a stronger connection with the other parent. What are the options for divorced Missouri parents when a child wishes to live with the other parent?

While there are many reasons for a child custody agreement to change, there are some important factors to note. Primarily, the child may have the right to choose where he or she wants to live if he or she is over a certain age. This age can differ from state to state but, in most cases, it is around the age of 12. Ultimately, a family court judge will have the final say in changing a custody agreement.

For parents facing the difficulty of changing a child custody agreement, it is vital to take the necessary steps to protect the best interests of both the parents and the child. Parents can still remain a vital and active part of their children's lives, even if they do not live with them. When facing this situation, even after a divorce is finalized, parents may want to begin by understanding and exploring all legal options.

Source: The Huffington Post, "6 Words No Divorced Parent Wants To Hear", Bruce McCracken, Aug. 3, 2014

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