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Complicated child custody case continues for Sherri Shepherd

Missouri readers may be familiar with the child custody battle of Sherri Shepherd, a well-known television personality. Her highly-public divorce has made headlines across the country, mostly because of the intense child custody battle ensuing between her and her ex-spouse. One of the main concerns for the contention is the fact that a surrogate is currently carrying the couple's child, due in July.

The child was conceived before the couple separated, but the egg used was not from Ms. Shepherd. Because the sperm donor is her ex-spouse, a battle has erupted over child custody and which parent should pay and/or receive child support. A recent report claims that Ms. Shepherd is now refusing to accept the child as legally hers, claiming that her husband tricked her into signing the surrogate contract.

Sherri believes that her husband wanted to conceive a child simply because he intended to divorce her and collect child support payments from the television comedian. Consequently, he is now fighting to prevent her from backing out of the contract. He is seeking custody and spousal support, in addition to having his legal fees paid for by Ms. Shepherd.

This case has garnered attention in Missouri and nationally because of the complexity of the divorce. Anytime a surrogate is employed, it can result in a complex legal situation should a couple decide to pursue a divorce. However, any child custody situation can be navigated with assistance and mediation, no matter how contentious or complicated the divorce. Couples facing a difficult custody battle do not have to face it alone.

Source: Christian Post, "Sherri Shepherd Divorce Sparks Surrogate Baby Custody Fight; Did 'View' Co-Host Back Out?", Benge Nsenduluka, July 30, 2014

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