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Is it possible to work through child custody issues peacefully?

Missouri parents know that every divorce is difficult and every divorcing parent wants the most beneficial child custody agreement. Despite the emotional and financial complexity of a divorce, it is possible to have a divorce that is peaceful and optimal for all parties. When individuals are aware of their rights and a couple is willing to work together on a child custody agreement, the process can be faster and smoother.

As Missouri couples know, working together through mediation may not always be an option. One or both spouses may be completely unwilling to work together on any aspect of the divorce agreement. However, a couple can choose to keep the children as their main priority, even when the situation is contentious. First of all, parents can work with their respective legal teams to ensure that the children are disrupted as little as possible despite the divorce.

Another way to keep the focus on the children is by understanding parental rights during a divorce. Parents can choose to pursue joint or shared custody, but should also understand all options and possible outcomes. This preparation can help a parent transition children into a new schedule and home life after the divorce is final.

The legal counsel of each parent can also represent them when drafting a parenting plan. A parenting plan is an essential step in protecting the interests of the children and eliminating possible points of contention between the parents after a divorce is final. By keeping the children the priority, determining child custody and other aspects of a divorce can be more peaceful for all parties involved.

Source: The Huffington Post, "Divorce Lessons: 8 Critical Choices in Making a Positive Split", John McElhenney, Aug. 5, 2014

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