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September 2014 Archives

14 parents arrested in recent child support sweep

Paying court-ordered child support is an important thing for parents to keep up on. Not only does paying child support ensure that one's children are adequately being taken care of financially, it can also help to avoid serious legal problems in Missouri or in any other state. This is the message one county government decided to send in a recent sweep operation aimed at parents who were behind on their child support payments.

Man loses medical license over child support arrearage

There are likely as many parenting styles in Missouri as there are parents. Regardless of the approach that a parent may take to raise his or her children, it is important that every parent take responsibility for the emotional and physical well-being of their children. This includes making court-ordered child support payments when applicable. In addition to the potential harm to the child, there can be serious consequences for failing to make such payments, including the loss of professional licenses, as one out-of-state man has recently learned.

Protecting the child custody rights of divorced parents

In past times, child custody was almost always granted to the mother in the event of a divorce. Now that divorce is more prevalent in a progressive society, it is only natural that child custody arrangements should change as well. It is now more common to have arrangements that preserve the best interests of the children, with shared custody and joint parenting plans.

The latest in Jason Patric's fathers' rights case

Missouri readers may have followed the highly publicized case involving the famous actor Jason Patric and fathers' rights. There has been wide interest in this case because the actor is battling the mother of his baby over custody and visitation with the couple's 4-year-old son. The fathers' rights case is especially complex because their young son was born after he provided sperm for the mother at a time when they were not together as a couple.

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