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The latest in Jason Patric's fathers' rights case

Missouri readers may have followed the highly publicized case involving the famous actor Jason Patric and fathers' rights. There has been wide interest in this case because the actor is battling the mother of his baby over custody and visitation with the couple's 4-year-old son. The fathers' rights case is especially complex because their young son was born after he provided sperm for the mother at a time when they were not together as a couple.

The couple was not married at the time that the boy was born, but Mr. Patric is the biological father of the child. Since he was born, the couple has broken up again and become embattled in disagreements over his rights as a father for a child born out-of-wedlock. The ruling in this case could set a precedent for other couples in non-traditional families, including parents who are not married.

Earlier in the boy's life, Mr. Patric was allowed by the mother to have a relationship with the child, including outings and holiday visitation. After a falling out, the mother obtained a restraining order and stopped allowing the boy to spend time with his father. While the mother claims to have the right to "be a single mother," Mr. Patric maintains that, as the biological father, he has certain rights for custody and visitation.

Non-traditional families in Missouri often have a complicated path when splitting up or determining custody arrangements. Fathers who have been denied visitation with their children have the right to seek a legal solution to their problem. Fathers' rights issues may seem complicated, but experienced legal assistance may navigate this situation toward the optimal outcome.

Source: myfoxla.com, "The Latest In Jason Patric's Child Custody Trial", Christina Gonzalez, Sept. 2, 2014

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