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Son billed by state for child support owed by deceased father

One of the most important jobs in life is parenting one's children. Whether one is the custodial, hands-on parent or the one who provides care through court-ordered child support, both parties are invaluable to the child. There are situations, however, where the support payments are not made in a timely fashion. There may be families in Missouri that are struggling to pay or receive these monies.

Recently, an adult child received an unexpected letter in the mail from the officials in his state. The letter contained a bill in the amount of $83,000 in back support that his father had allegedly never paid. Along with the bill was a notice that a lien had been placed on his property to help satisfy the debt.

The son, who is the oldest of the deceased man's six children, was at a loss as to how to proceed. He worked unsuccessfully for more than a year to have the lien removed. However, once he contacted the local news station, the lien was finally canceled.

Along with the notice that the property lien was removed, he had received a written apology for the bill. However, the Child Support Enforcement Agency has not explained how the man was billed in the first place. Hopefully, these types of errors are uncommon and adult children are not held accountable for the unpaid support obligations of deceased parents. Families residing in Missouri do have resources to turn to when they experience difficulty in making or receiving these vital payments, in order to ensure that the needs of the child can be met.

Source: wwlp.com, "I-Team: Son billed for father's unpaid child support", Ryan Walsh, Oct. 1, 2014

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