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November 2014 Archives

Traditional child custody arrangements are changing

Child custody can be incredibly complex and is one of the hardest aspects of a divorce. Because many couples are not able to work together to come to a suitable custody arrangement, Missouri family courts often have the final say. In many cases, child custody is still determined along traditional lines, but that trend could be changing across the country. 

Working through visitation issues during the divorce process

Missouri couples going through a divorce understand how emotionally complex the situation may be, especially when facing difficult visitation issues. Parents have many concerns during this difficult process, but some of the most important concerns often regard visitation issues and child custody. Fortunately, these concerns can be alleviated when you have the assistance of an attorney experienced in complex custody ordeals. 

Jason Patric secures huge victory in fathers' rights case

The actor Jason Patric has been locked in a battle with the mother of his child, but he has recently secured a victory for himself and fathers' rights advocates everywhere. The two-year legal battle over fathers' rights came to an end when a judge ruled that Jason is the legal father of the 4-year-old child he has with the child's mother. Missouri readers will note that, after this ruling, Mr. Patric now has custody and visitation rights.

Child custody: divorce versus separation

Determining child custody is one of the hardest aspects of any divorce. Even when Missouri couples are willing to amicably work together to design a parenting plan, it can still be complicated to work through the details. Child custody and other important factors also play a role in a legal separation. 

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