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December 2014 Archives

Understanding the legal rights of grandparents in Missouri

In certain situations, grandparents may have concerns and questions regarding their legal rights for visitation or custody. In some cases, grandparents may wish to pursue court-ordered visitation with their grandchildren or even seek custody. These cases are complex, making it most beneficial for a grandparent to seek counsel from a legal professional knowledgeable in the legal rights of grandparents in Missouri.

Fathers' rights disputes for unmarried couples

Fathers' rights are a complicated legal issue, especially when the mother and father were not married at the time of birth. When one parent disputes paternity, it can create a complex legal firestorm when determining child custody and support. Regardless of the complexity of your situation, our team has the experience needed to successfully handle any fathers' rights issue. 

Child custody legislation change affects military parents

Military parents sacrifice many things in order to fulfill their duty to their country, but that does not mean that they have to sacrifice child custody rights when deployed. Recently, a bill was passed prohibiting service members from being stripped of rights while fulfilling military duties. After many years of pushing the bill through various legal channels, military parents are now assured of their child custody rights.

Is it important to establish paternity?

Missouri fathers fighting for child custody are already facing a difficult path, especially when dealing with disputes or concerns over paternity. In these types of complex cases, it is especially important to establish paternity in order to achieve the outcome that is desired. There are many ways that paternity is established, and a father will significantly benefit from the assistance of an attorney experienced in complex family law issues. 

What you need to know about child support after divorce

Determining and understanding child support obligations is one of the hardest aspects of a divorce. Missouri parents likely have questions regarding the receipt and payment of child support, as well as concerns over how the amount is determined. These concerns and other questions can be answered by a divorce attorney who has a thorough knowledge of Missouri law. 

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