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January 2015 Archives

Working on a child custody agreement during a difficult divorce

It is no secret to Missouri parents that working on a child custody agreement during divorce is hard. In addition to the emotional pain that a divorce can bring, it is also difficult when minor children will be affected. For this reason, many parents are exploring better methods of resolving divorce disputes, particularly those centered around a child custody agreement. 

Moving with your child: How this impacts child custody decrees

After a divorce, a Missouri parent may find that it is necessary to seek a change to a child custody arrangement due to a desired relocation. Personal reasons, financial strains or career-change possibilities may play a role in this decision, but parents may be surprised to find that any change to a child custody decree must go through the proper legal channels. When navigating a complex custody situation, it is best to have assistance from a knowledgeable family law attorney. 

Chris Rock divorce heads for child custody battle

Missouri readers have likely heard that Chris Rock, the famous comedian, is currently embroiled in a contentious divorce and child custody battle. Mr. Rock wants shared custody with his wife, to whom he has been married for 19 years. One of the main issues with the child custody battle is the fact that he claims his wife has prevented him from seeing his children. 

How can you change a child custody agreement in Missouri?

Once a divorce is final, a child custody agreement determines how and when a child visits with a parent. These agreements are legally binding, and when one parent deviates from the agreement, it can result in tension and further legal complications. Occasionally, circumstances may make it necessary for one parent to seek a modification to a child custody agreement, but it is imperative for an individual to have legal assistance. 

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