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Working on a child custody agreement during a difficult divorce

It is no secret to Missouri parents that working on a child custody agreement during divorce is hard. In addition to the emotional pain that a divorce can bring, it is also difficult when minor children will be affected. For this reason, many parents are exploring better methods of resolving divorce disputes, particularly those centered around a child custody agreement. 

Mediation is one of the methods that is typically used when a couple wants to avoid stressful litigation. Even Missouri couples that are not particularly amicable may be able to work through certain issues out of court with the help of a trained mediator. When parents can negotiate and discuss certain issues, it can protect a family from a public court battle and disrupt the lives of the children as little as possible. 

Using alternate dispute resolution methods are often an ideal way to come to an custody agreement that is particularly suited to the needs of an individual family. An attorney will assist with the mediation process, including negotiations, and ensure that agreements are conducive with the long term goals of the client. Clients typically benefit from both the mediation process and the guidance of an experienced legal team. 

A child custody agreement should suit the needs of the children while still protecting parental rights. Couples have the right to use alternative means to develop a parenting plan and will want to carefully consider all options before signing any binding legal agreements. When unsure of the best choice, it may be best to seek the opinion and support of a divorce attorney familiar with complex family law issues. 

Source: freepressonline.com, "Kids & Families First: The Magic of Mediation", Judith Hatch Orme, Jan. 21, 2015

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