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February 2015 Archives

Successfully navigating visitation issues during divorce

Visitation issues are some of the most important factors that will be decided during a divorce because they will ultimately determine a permanent parenting schedule. Visitation issues are also an important issue for unmarried parents or those dealing with a paternity dispute. For the interest of resolving these matters in a timely fashion and in a way that is beneficial for the parents and children, it is best to seek assistance from an attorney who is experienced in complex family law issues. 

How support arrangements impact post-divorce finances

Support arrangements are some of the most hotly contested issues for divorcing couples. During a divorce, spouses may find that they are unable to come to an agreement over spousal support arrangements, division of marital assets and even child support. Disagreements over money and an unwillingness to compromise may lead to a lengthy legal battle that can be financially and emotionally exhausting. 

How is child support determined in Missouri?

Determining child support is one of the most important aspects of the divorce process, but it can also be one of the most emotionally challenging. Parents can benefit from a closer understanding of child support laws in Missouri in order to better protect their rights. There is a specific formula that is used to determine child support, as well as guidelines for enforcing support orders after the divorce. 

Understanding child custody in Missouri

When it comes to child custody, there are many factors that will be considered by Missouri family courts. The welfare and best interests of the child will be the primary concern in any child custody arrangement. It may be useful for parents to understand state laws pertaining to this issue, whether the parents are working together on a custody plan or facing a litigious legal battle. 

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