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How is child support determined in Missouri?

Determining child support is one of the most important aspects of the divorce process, but it can also be one of the most emotionally challenging. Parents can benefit from a closer understanding of child support laws in Missouri in order to better protect their rights. There is a specific formula that is used to determine child support, as well as guidelines for enforcing support orders after the divorce. 

A child support order will dictate the amount of money that is paid each month, as well as the frequency of payments. Certain guidelines are used to establish the amount of required support. Factors that are considered include the income of each parent, additional financial support, the number of children and any special needs. The support payment should also include assistance for health care and child care. 

During a divorce, a parent may be eligible for child support if he or she has full or shared custody of a child/children. It is also possible to secure needed child support for the duration of a legal separation. Once a child support order has been set by the family law court, changes cannot be made unless pursued through the proper legal channels. Modifications may be granted if there are changes in the circumstances of the child or parent, such as a new health concern or change in income.

Similar to many divorce matters, child support is a complicated issue. However, it is possible to successfully petition for needed financial support after a divorce or separation. When there are concerns over eligibility, enforcement or modifications, it is best for a Missouri parent to receive assistance from an experienced legal ally. 

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