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How support arrangements impact post-divorce finances

Support arrangements are some of the most hotly contested issues for divorcing couples. During a divorce, spouses may find that they are unable to come to an agreement over spousal support arrangements, division of marital assets and even child support. Disagreements over money and an unwillingness to compromise may lead to a lengthy legal battle that can be financially and emotionally exhausting. 

It is normal for Missouri couples to have financial concerns during divorces. Couples worried about the monetary impacts of divorce should note that contentious divorces typically take longer and cost more. Even couples who are not amicable can still work together, with the assistance of their respective legal teams, to come to reasonable resolutions on certain divorce issues. This is a legitimate way to ensure that divorces do not become unnecessarily expensive. 

The cost of divorce will increase when couples are not honest with each other, attempt to hide assets or battle over every single detail of their divorce agreements. Being financially prepared for the divorce and resolving to be flexible can make a divorce faster, possibly resolving in just a matter of weeks. It is normal to negotiate and discuss certain issues, such as a visitation schedule, but it is possible to navigate these battles quickly and efficiently. 

Missouri couples have more control over the length and cost of their divorces than they may realize. Before filing for divorce, it can be useful to seek a complete evaluation with an attorney in order to discuss options and establish a plan to resolve the process quickly. It may prove beneficial for any divorcing individual to work through issues, such as support arrangements, property division and child custody, with the help of an experienced legal ally. 

Source: Today, "How to get divorced without breaking the bank", Susan Caminiti, Feb. 9, 2015

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