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Successfully navigating visitation issues during divorce

Visitation issues are some of the most important factors that will be decided during a divorce because they will ultimately determine a permanent parenting schedule. Visitation issues are also an important issue for unmarried parents or those dealing with a paternity dispute. For the interest of resolving these matters in a timely fashion and in a way that is beneficial for the parents and children, it is best to seek assistance from an attorney who is experienced in complex family law issues. 

Visitation issues involve more than simply determining how parenting time will be divided. Drop-off procedures, holidays, frequency of visits and vacations should be factored into parenting plans. Missouri parents have the right to seek a preferred visitation situation. Parenting plans are based on the needs of the children and should allow both parents to have an active role in the children's lives. 

Missouri courts generally prefer to grant joint custody unless one parent has a history of drugs, alcohol or behavioral issues. I work with parents during the difficult process of divorce, advocating for the best interests of my clients and their children. I understand that every case is unique, and I will actively pursue a beneficial resolution to visitation issues and other custody litigation. 

Whether you are an unmarried parent who has been denied your rightful parenting time, a individual facing a paternity dispute or a divorcing parent, you deserve experienced legal representation. My team can provide a complete case evaluation and determine the preferred approach to your legal situation. If you have questions or concerns regarding visitation issues, contact my firm for assistance and answers. 

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