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March 2015 Archives

Missouri parents can strive to address visitation issues amicably

Common sense suggests that most Missouri parents who are engaged in the process of divorce want to proceed as amicably as possible, especially where their children are concerned.  Some data suggests that visitation issues, division of property and other pertinent decisions that either directly or indirectly involve children will be resolved in a more positive manner if both parents agree to keep the children's best interests in mind during negotiations. A recent article offered parents practical tips and advice.

Man sentenced to probation, owes $71,000 in child support

The vast majority of parents in Missouri simply want what is best for their children. In many cases, parents are ordered to make child support payments to help ensure that a child's needs are met. Unfortunately, some people fail to make their payments for a variety of different reasons. One out-of-state man has recently been arrested on claims that he owes over $70,000 in child support.

Can a child custody agreement provide long-term stability?

When navigating the divorce process, all members of the family will be impacted. Children often feel the emotional upheaval of what has happened more than any other member of the family, but parents can make concerted efforts to provide stability and a nurturing environment, even during the legal process. A child custody agreement can and should include the needs of the children and protect their long-term well-being. 

Avoiding child custody litigation may have long-term benefits

Missouri parents who are divorcing are often concerned with potential child custody litigation and the effects it could have on the long-term emotional health of their children. After a lengthy study into this issue that looked at families 12 years after the parents' divorces, parents can now have a better understanding of how their decisions during divorce can affect their kids for years to come. In this particular study, families were asked to either mediate to resolve custody disputes or pursue arrangements in court through child custody litigation. 

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