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How life events may impact visitation issues after divorce

There are many factors that may contribute to a divorce, but significant or traumatic life events may increase the chance that a marriage will end. Studies have shown that when a couple undergoes a certain amount of upheaval, stress or change, it can significantly alter the dynamic of a relationship, eventually leading to a divorce. How these issues affect a Missouri couple will have an impact on visitation issues, even after a divorce is final. 

A major medical event can be a significant stress source in a marriage. In addition to significant medical debt, recovery from a serious illness can last for months or years. Similarly, birth is a major life event that can also be quite costly, both financially and emotionally. The pressure that these situations can place on a marriage can be detrimental. 

Another major life event that can damage a marriage is a job change, especially sudden unemployment. When one spouse becomes unexpectedly financially responsible for all of a family's needs, the toll on that individual, and the marriage, can be great. Similarly, couples who live separately, whether due to the military or for another reason, may also find maintaining a healthy relationship a difficult task.

Many Missouri couples find that they have grown apart for a number of reasons, eventually leading to the end of their marriages. However, the issues, stresses and traumatic events that impacted the marriage do not have to have a detrimental effect on visitation issues. By working with a knowledgeable legal team, parents can find reasonable solutions to custody and visitation issues, despite disagreements over other issues. 

Source: Yahoo Health, "7 Life Events That Can Lead To Divorce", Amanda MacMillan, March 30, 2015

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